How Lovely You Are, O LORD

All creation declares your glory

The stark, stripped branches etched against the azure winter sunrise

Flowering trees and fluttering birds in the early spring

The lush green lawns of summertime

Variegated golden hues in a rich autumn bouquet

Undulating mountains, reminders of your faithfulness

Endless oceans, ever changing, always the same     

Mighty and awesome when the storm rages     

Soothing and gentle as the waters lap against the sandy beach

The stunning splendor of a beautiful woman;     

the supple strength of a young man.

The gentle smile of a loving mother;     

the noble wisdom of an esteemed elder.

Your written Word reflects your own loveliness

Its golden truths,     

variety of style,         

elegance of expression

Its complex structure,     

exquisite words,         

life-giving power.

Your own person surpasses all -

What symmetry and perfect proportion!     

Might and meekness     

Power and pity     

Wrath and mercy     

Truth and grace     

Ageless antiquity and eternal youth.     

Immutable, yet alive     

Immovable, yet compassionate     

High and holy, yet happy to consort with the humble and lowly     

Perfectly pure, yet pardoning the transgressor.

How we worship the glory of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ!     

Fully God, yet fully man     

Crucified, yet alive forevermore     

Far above all principalities and powers, yet         

Within your people to the end of the age.

O Lord, how lovely you are!