Calming the Storm

Following their Master, the disciples got into a boat and launched out into the Sea of Galilee. Jesus, exhausted from a full day of teaching and healing, fell asleep in the stern. Suddenly, a fierce storm arose and threatened to sink the boat. Afraid for their lives, the disciples cried out to Jesus for help. He awoke, rebuked them for their lack of faith, and stilled the raging sea and wind with a simple command. From this brief narrative, we learn that: - Disciples of Christ will sometimes encounter danger as a result of obeying His command. As He promised, “In this world you have trouble” (John 16:33). - When we do face suffering, we can be sure that Jesus understands, for He, too, was a man. He knew hunger, thirst, fatigue, and extreme emotional pain. He knows. - He was more than a man, however. Jesus is also God, equal with the Father and the Spirit. Thus, He could command the tempest to be quiet, and the winds and waves obeyed His voice. - Thus, we can trust Him to still the storms in our life, too. When we are overwhelmed by disease, or destitution, or desertion, or danger, or even despair, we can call out to Him to save us. He is willing, and He is able. Shall we not trust Him to restore peace to our troubled hearts?