Day of Rest? (3)

Then Jesus stunned them with a stupendous claim: That He was greater than the Temple in which the priests worked. - He is purer than the Temple, which had become defiled by hypocritical worship and mercenary activities. - He is more permanent than the Temple, for it would be destroyed and He would rise to eternal glory. - He is holier than the Temple, for in Him the fullness of God dwelt in bodily form. - He is greater than the sacrifices, for they had to be offered daily, but He died only once. - He is greater than the priests, for they had to sacrifice for their own sins, but He only offered a sacrifice (Himself) for the sins of others. Moreover, they all died, but He lives forever to make intercession for us. Now, if Jesus is “greater than the Temple,” then He is greater than the covenant which established the entire sacrificial system. In that case, He has authority to regulate worship for His people. Not only so, but if He is greater than the Temple, then He must be the center and focus of all our worship and service. In that case, our attitude towards Him is far more important than our actions on any particular day. The Pharisees missed that point entirely. How about us?