Faith and Doubt

At first, Peter’s faith was strong enough to send him out of the boat and into the roaring sea, walking on the rowdy waves towards Jesus. Imagine the exhilaration he must have felt! But then he shifted his attention away from Christ to the raging wind. Immediately, fear gripped him and he desperately called out for help. Notice that he still had faith in Jesus’ power to save him from drowning. But he had lost faith in the Lord’s ability to empower him to continue treading upon the water. So much is he like us! Though we believe that Jesus can do wonders for us, we do not fully trust Him to work in and through us. We fix our gaze upon our weakness and upon our surroundings rather than upon the one who commands the wind and the waves. We look at the creation rather than the Creator, and what we can do rather than what He has done. How much better for us to keep our eyes on Jesus! Daily looking into His Word, the Bible; trusting in Him to fulfill His promises; relying on Him for strength to do His will in our lives. He will probably not order us to walk on water. But He has told us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength; to love our neighbor – even our hateful enemy – as ourselves; to seek first God’s kingdom and not to worry about material things; to rejoice even in persecutions for His sake. Shall we trust Him to give what He commands?