Getting knowledge

Most of us desire knowledge. We have heard the sentence, “Knowledge is power,” and know its truth. Especially in today’s information society, to know is to earn and to win; ignorance brings poverty and loss.But most of us make two costly mistakes: We fail to seek the most important knowledge, and we do not begin our search in the right way. Because He created the world and sustains it by His power, love, and wisdom, we need to know God. Since all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge dwell in Jesus Christ, the eternal Word of God, we need to know Him in order to know God. To know God, we must fear Him. He is holy; we are not. If we humble ourselves before Him and ask forgiveness, trusting in Christ, He will receive us. If we submit to Him with reverence and awe, and read His Word daily, He will guide us and instruct us. THEN only shall we attain to true knowledge and its sisters, wisdom and instruction.