How to Be Wise

We all want to be wise. We desire to know and do what is best. But how? Solomon tells us the process:1. Receive God's words and meditate upon His commands, written for us in the Bible. That requires time spent reading, studying, and thinking about the Bible. 2. Pray for wisdom. Beg God to show us His ways. Spend time crying out to God for insight. 3. Seek it; try to understand with our mind what is pleasing to God. Think about options; weigh the consequences of each possible choice. Deliberate. Ask others' opinions. 4. Be upright: Be committed to integrity. Decide to do what is right, regardless of the cost. Though God will always hear the cry of a penitent sinner who seeks His guidance (Psalm 25:8), wisdom will come more readily to those who try to follow His commands.