Jesus the Peacemaker

The reason why peacemakers will be called sons of God is that their attitudes and actions resemble those of the Son of God, Jesus. Their lifestyle declares that they have a living relationship with the ultimate Peacemaker, in whose steps they follow. They resemble their heavenly Father, who sent Jesus to make peace. How did Jesus bring “peace on earth” (Luke 2:14)? - He delivered people from the torment of disease. His ministry of healing brought relief and comfort to those afflicted with leprosy, lameness, blindness, fever, bleeding, and a host of other ailments, including death on a few occasions. - He rescued people from the domination of demons. - He formed a new fellowship of people of all sorts, who found in Him a kind of peace with others that was new in the world. - He proclaimed the forgiveness of sins with all the authority of God Himself. Indeed, this was His greatest act of reconciliation, for it broke down the wall separating us from God and abolished the enmity between us and our Maker and Judge. When the disciples of Christ demonstrate practical kindness; forgive their enemies; and pass on the Good News of peace with God through faith in Jesus, they show that they are “sons of God.”