Morning Meditation

As a shepherd, David must have risen early every morning. Later, as king of Israel, he continued that practice. Each day brought so many tasks, and he faced so many enemies, that he started out by having an honest conversation with God.He knew he was speaking to his faithful Creator, Yahweh ("LORD" in the English translation), who would keep His promises. He bowed before the sovereignty of his divine King, and looked to Him for help. He faced his foes with the knowledge that God takes "no pleasure in wickedness"; evil men will not stand His presence, for He "will destroy those who speak falsehood,… the bloodthirsty and deceitful man." David knew that he, too, had sinned, so he entered God's presence "in the multitude of [His] mercy," with an attitude of reverent worship. He asked for leading into righteousness, for protection from his crafty foes, for joy in the Lord Himself. He closed his prayer with a confident affirmation that God would "bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield." God called David a "man after My own heart." Was it partly because this brilliant, capable man began each day by coming to his Lord with prayer and praise? Did David become the greatest king of Israel, and the most widely-read poet of all time, by devoting his first and best hours to God? Perhaps we should imitate his example and let God hear our voice in the morning!