Protection from Trouble

Have you been buffeted by troubles recently? Has illness laid you low? How about your work – is it going well? Are you getting along with others? Have you suffered financial loss?Perhaps God is testing you, to allow your faith in Him to shine more brightly and even to grow. Maybe He wants to increase your awareness of different types of pain, so you can sympathize with others. There could be other causes of your difficulties, too. (See 2 Corinthians 12:7-10). Here’s one possibility: God has removed His shield of protection from you in response to some sin. God will guard those who walk according to His will. As long as you follow His ways, you are, in a sense, immortal! That is, nothing can really harm you or prevent you from doing His will. Often His enemies tried to capture and kill Jesus, but God restrained them until the time had come. Paul suffered countless trials, but did not die until he had fully run his course. Let us all resolve to walk the narrow way, that we may more fully enjoy the protection of God!