Real Men (8)

A real man will have a realistic mind. He will nourish his mind on the word of God. Truth will correct inborn errors, as well as those that come to him from his culture. He will construct a worldview that reflects God’s perspective. He will carefully examine the prejudices of parents and friends in the light of God’s revelation. Thus, he will not be upset by all that troubles those around him. He knows that this world is passing away, along with all its sinful desires, so he does not grieve unduly over the inevitable losses we suffer in life. His hope is fixed on the coming kingdom of God and the grace that will be brought to all who trust in Christ. He will not think of himself more highly than he ought to. Aware of his limitations, he will not attempt more than he can accomplish. Conscious of his faults and flaws, he will try to avoid pride and presumption. When others correct or criticize him, he will listen carefully, seeking to discern whether they are at all accurate in their perception of him. He will enjoy the pleasures that God generously bestows, without setting his heart on them. Nothing will be allowed to master his emotions except a profound sense of God’s holiness, justice, power, and love. Thus, both his sorrows and his joys will be moderated by an awareness of the providence and presence of the Lord in his life. His mind feeds on God’s faithfulness and fills his mouth with thanksgiving. It goes without saying that such a sober mind requires constant nurture and care. The Bible, Christian books, and the wise counsel of godly elders will be his primary source of information and guidance. A real man takes time to cultivate a realistic mind. The frivolous, vain, and fruitless will find no welcome in his thoughts. He will think, instead, upon "Whatever things are true, ...noble, …just, …pure, …lovely, …of good report, …virtue .., anything praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8). As a result, the man with a sober mind will be a truly happy man.