Salt and Light

Salt and light – two indispensable elements of life. Salt preserves from decay and corruption, and it adds flavor to foods. Before refrigeration, its use was mandatory to prevent spoilage of meat. Light provides illumination so that we can see clearly. Without it, we stumble in the darkness. This world needs both. Without the presence and consistent followers of Christ, the natural tendency of men towards moral corruption will go unchecked, as a visit to any society where Christians are few will confirm. Without the light which believers in Christ bring by their good works and true words, the deception and delusion found everywhere will only deepen into deadly darkness. We have seen this in America as the witness of Christians has grown progressively weaker in recent decades. Jesus, therefore, reminded His disciples that salt is worthless if it loses its distinctive savor. In itself, salt cannot change its properties, but the kind used in ancient Palestine included other elements that could degenerate and rob it of its saltiness. Then people cast it onto footpaths to prevent plants from growing there. Likewise, light is no use if a basket covers the lamp. God has set His people in this world as a “city on a hill” which cannot be hidden. People know who they are, and watch constantly to see how they behave. The Father’s intention is to use His children to retard the decay of society and to provide light to expose sin and to point the way to righteousness. Believers in Christ, therefore, cannot withdraw from the world in some “holy huddle.” Nor can they hope to disguise their faith from others. The question is: Will we be known for our distinctive, God-centered lifestyle, or will we be just like everyone around us? The way we spend our time, use our money, and react to success and failure will send a message to the world. Do we really believe that this life is not the end, and that our true reward comes later? Do we live for the now, or for eternity? Do we seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, or are we caught up in the worship of Mammon? How blessed are those Christians whose lives proclaim their true loyalty to God! They will make a positive impact on society and thus bring honor to their Father.