Sovereign Grace

To understand this saying, we must consider its context. Jesus told His disciples that they would be persecuted, even killed (10:16-39). Later, He referred to the way the crowds rejected both John the Baptist and Himself (11:18-19) and pronounced woes on cities that had refused to believe in Him (11:20-24). Now He explains why some believe in Him, and some do not. It all depends on God’s sovereign grace. That is to say, God reveals Himself to some, and not to others. We cannot know God as Father apart from faith in Jesus the Son. But we cannot know Jesus as the Son of God unless the Father opens our eyes. For Jesus personally, this meant that He and His message would be received by only a minority and despised by the majority, who would then subject Him to terrible suffering and death. Of course, it also meant that many would receive Him and find eternal life. Notice how He responded to this: “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight.” He submitted, even though it would lead to unspeakable agony for Him. Shall we not also submit humbly to God’s plan for our lives, even if it includes pain?