The Price of Peace

What does peace cost? Local governments spend a great deal of money to maintain peace and safety in the community. The amount expended on national defense to prevent war is incalculable. What does personal peace cost? We must first try to estimate what it cost Jesus to bring about reconciliation between God and sinful humanity. First, He had to become a man. That required emptying Himself of some of His divine privileges and glory in order to come to this earth in human form. Born of a woman, He lived among sinful men and women as an ordinary citizen of Roman-occupied Palestine. After He began preaching, He endured constant criticism and opposition. His enemies dogged His steps, always looking for a chance to capture and kill Him. He was daily reviled by wicked, corrupt men. Even His family did not understand or support Him in His mission. Becoming a man was not enough, however. The core of His mission was to die as a sacrifice for the sins of others, so that they could have peace with God. At the end, He was betrayed by one of His inner circle, arrested, denied by His closest friend, and handed over to an incredibly cruel death. On the cross, as the blood dripped from excruciatingly painful wounds in His hands and feet, He heard the mockery and scorn of the crowd. Worst of all – far more agonizing than anything He had already suffered – was the utter desolation He felt when His own Father hid His face and poured out the divine wrath upon Jesus, who absorbed the fury of a Holy God so that we might know His favor as our Father. That’s what it cost Jesus to bring us peace with God and with each other, now and forever. Should we surprised if following in His steps in order to make peace should carry a price tag?