Uncovering Hidden Faults

Most of us don’t know ourselves very well. We aren’t fully aware of our good points. Even worse, we don’t realize the impression we are making on others. We also have faults hidden beneath the surface not only of the mask we wear in public but also of our own awareness.If we seek to know our hidden faults, God will show them to us. First, His word will expose sins we never knew we had. That’s one reason we need to read the Bible daily. He also uses people. When others react negatively to us, we need to ask why. Perhaps it’s not their fault; maybe there really is something wrong with the way we speak and act! We can also learn from our reactions to others’ faults. When you see something you don’t like in someone else, examine yourself. Most likely, your strong dislike of that person’s behavior reflects a similar error in yourself. Furthermore, our response to his offensive conduct may itself be offensive, and reveal some ugly trait deep inside us. Let’s ask God to show us our hidden errors, and then seek His forgiveness and His transforming grace in Christ.