Where Is Jesus?

After feeding five thousand men, plus women and children, Jesus dismissed the crowd, for they were about to make him king. He also sent his disciples off by boat, to get them away from the popular political movement.In the middle of the night, the little boat was in the middle of the sea, making little headway because of contrary winds. Imagine the questions in the minds of the disciples: Why did Jesus refuse to ride the enthusiasm of the multitude into Jerusalem and overthrow a corrupt government? Why did He make them return to the other side of the lake without their Master? Why was everything going wrong for them? Where was Jesus? In their time of need, what was He doing? Didn’t He care about them? As readers, we know the answer: Jesus was alone on the mountain, praying. No doubt He knew of their doubts and troubles. Certainly he could feel the direction of the wind, and (as man) perhaps even see their little struggling craft. In a while He would walk out upon the waters, still the storm, and propel their vessel to its destination (John 6:21). For now, however, He was engaged in something far more important, and much more useful to his world-centered disciples: Prayer for them. Are we not like those frustrated, frightened fishermen? Obsessed with the wind and the waves, stuck in our own little boat, forgetful of ways in which God has provided for us. Self-centered, focused on this world, forgetting God – we need Jesus’ prayers! Praise God that our Savior “always lives to make intercession for [us]” (Hebrews 7:25) and is even now at the Father’s right hand doing just that! (Romans 8:34).