Wisdom For Whom?

When we run into trouble, we naturally seek to know what to do. What a comfort to hear that “The LORD gives wisdom” (Proverbs 2:6)!But wait – there are conditions to this promise. One of them will challenge us to the core: God only guides the upright. In other words, if we are not determined to do what is morally right, then God will not grant us wisdom. You can see why this would be so: God Himself can do no wrong, so He would only tell us to do what is right and just. But if our hearts are not set on that path, we won’t be ready to receive His advice. In other words, unless we have resolved to perform our duty, no matter what the cost, then we will not be receptive to God’s leading into “paths of righteousness.” O God, change my heart so that I want what You want, and then enlighten my mind, through Jesus Christ, who walked the way of the cross in order to do Your will. Amen.