Christian Literature

In all our work, we seek these two things: To help Chinese come to a saving knowledge of the Triune God through faith in Christ, and to help them mature into faithful disciples. We know that this is a huge undertaking, and that only the combined efforts of many people will begin to make an impact. We just want to do our part, and that includes the production of Christian literature.


China Institute was begun twenty-five years ago this month as a ministry to Chinese connected to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and a means to equip others for more effective service among Chinese. Since that time, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in a multitude of ways as we have watched this small ministry expand.


At present, hundreds of thousands of students from China … seek higher education in the United States … These people represent China’s ‘best and brightest,’ who would not be in the West unless they were smart, well-connected, and ambitious ... For a variety of reasons, the presence of these students and scholars represents the most important arena for outreach to Chinese worldwide.