Global China Center

Dear Praying Friends:

In our last letter, we surveyed the work of China Institute, the “religious” and church-related arm of our ministry.

Now we would like to bring you up to date on Global China Center, the academic and scholarly avenue of our outreach to educated Chinese around the world.

As you know, we are always trying to do two things: 1. Share the Christian message with both Christian and non-Christian Chinese, and 2. Help others to serve more effectively among Chinese.



The GCC web site,, attempts to present recent English-language research on Chinese Christianity and its various contexts. Both Western and Chinese scholars and China ministry leaders have expressed appreciation for the extensive book reviews and in-depth analyses of works on the history and current state of Christianity in China.

We also survey recent books on how the gospel has been, or could be, contextualized in Chinese culture, with what we hope is fair and balanced critique of different proposals. With more than 150 articles already posted, the site serves as a rich repository of information and evaluation of God’s exciting actions among the Chinese.

The Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity ( features stories of Chinese Christians and Western missionaries, with an emphasis upon the last two hundred years.

Edited by Dr. Yading Li, the Chinese page now has more than 250 original articles, most composed by Dr. Li himself. It has gained wide recognition on the Chinese Internet, and is the top resource on the history of Chinese Christianity listed by several leading search engines and web sites.

The English page has more than 400 articles, many of them taken by permission from published reference works, but with more and more fresh compositions appearing each year. I serve as editor of this page and contribute some of the articles.

Together, the Chinese and English pages have been visited by more than a million readers since this version was launched in 2009. Each month, there are more than 8,000 unique visits. More than 10,000 people have read each of the most popular stories.

Currently, our Web Content Manager, Jason Truell, is working on a total re-design of the BDCC that will make it much easier to use.

Books: Studies in Chinese Christianity

Produced under the Pickwick Publications imprint of Wipf and Stock, a respected academic publisher, this series now includes eleven volumes, with several in preparation.

Each volume is written in a popular style, but in a way that meets the needs of scholars also. Unique in its field, the series has become prestigious enough that Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin and I, as co-editors, periodically receive requests from authors who want us to look at their manuscripts.

Public Presentations

Most of our colleagues have opportunities to share their knowledge with others, either in the classroom or in academic conferences around the world. Two teach in universities, and one has just been asked to join the faculty of a premier university in China. Dr. Li offers seminary courses in Chinese church history. Several of us plan to give papers at conferences in coming months.

Personal Relationships

All of us have opportunities for ongoing conversations with Chinese scholars studying Christianity, either in the West or in Asia. Some of these take place by email or Skype. Indeed, everything we do is meant to lead transforming friendships with lasting impact.

Your part:

Please pray for Global China Center. Ask God to

-  Bring many more readers to our book series and the two websites.

-  Bring more writers for our websites and book series.

-  Give us discipline, strength, and wisdom to write, teach, and lecture well, and to encourage both Chinese and Western students of Christianity.

Your fellow student,