God at Work

Dear Praying Friends:Time after time, I heard my friends relate how God has given them strength in the midst of various trials. Their growing faith and deepening love, coupled with their desire to see the Gospel spread, once again evoked my admiration. Seminary enrollments are up, and I talked with a number of young people eager to serve the Lord at home and overseas. Thousands of believers share the Gospel in China while on business. Many others go specifically to train house church leaders.

Plentiful Harvest, Paucity of Workers

Perhaps as a consequence of the waters swirling around them, youth continue to be receptive to the Gospel. Even once-resistant working people will respond, if the Story can be presented to them clearly and in a language they understand. 23 million people – less than 1% are believers – wait for someone to share the Good News. Sad to say, almost no one outside seems to be interested in offering them hope. Virtually no new missionaries go to Taiwan these days, despite wide-open (but soon to be closed?) doors, and total religious freedom.

Our Ministry

In the providence of God, my own experience proved useful as I shared with groups and individuals how God has helped me to regain health and joy in God. Though my main purpose was to address a conference on the charismatic movement, God also gave me opportunities to speak to the literature staff of Campus Evangelical Fellowship, to preach in our former church, and to give a lecture at an author’s signing event where my books were on sale. Meeting with about a dozen people who used to belong to our fellowships here encouraged all of us as we pondered God’s faithfulness. “All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God” (Isaiah 52:10) Yours in His abundant grace, Wright Doyle