Internet and Radio

With much of the world celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, we have all the more reason to consider how to share this glorious news with the 1.3 + Chinese around the world.We have seen that prayer is the most potent method for reaching Chinese with the Good News of Jesus Christ. There are other ways to share the truth, however. This month, we shall look at two: The Internet, and radio.

World Wide Web

The Internet has transformed our world in a very short time. With a few strokes on the keyboard, we can send information to anyone who is “wired” to receive it. China Institute tries hard to employ this tool effectively. We have a long way to go, but here is what we’ve done so far:

E-mail communication

We send a prayer letter like this one almost monthly to several hundred people and organizations. Each letter focuses on one theme; we are currently in a series on “Reaching Chinese Worldwide.” Weekly prayer updates go to a smaller number of committed prayer partners, and include the most recent reports on what God has done, as well as requests for intercession. Devotional messages consist of a one-page meditation on some passage of the Bible, aimed at increasing our faith, hope, and love. During this Advent season, we are addressing the question, Who is Jesus?


On our website you may find a variety of resources, such as: - Articles, book reviews, and suggested reading about Christianity, Chinese history and culture, religion (including Christianity) in China, serving God among the Chinese, missions, and more. - Links to other sites, including several in the Chinese language. - Information about China Institute - Previous prayer letters. - Devotional messages. - Outlines of seminary courses in Bible and theology, in English and Chinese. May I ask you to do two things today? - Visit our new site and look it over. You’ll probably find something that interests you, or that you can send to a friend. One reader sent me this message today: “I have been reading your website and enjoy many resources you provide, especially ‘Real Man’.” In Toronto last month, a seminary student came up to me and said, “I found your Web site through your email address. You ought to tell all the class to visit it!” I asked him to do that instead, and he urged his classmates to take advantage of the materials on the site; and that was the older one! - Create a link between our web site and your own web site, if you have one. This will give us visibility with Google, which only notices a site if it’s connected to other pages on the Web.

Radio Broadcasts

For many years, when China was closed to the outside, Christian radio provided the only access to millions of Chinese who hungered for Bible truth. Now, with the doors wide open for study, tourism, business, education, and professional work, many have forgotten this powerful means of spreading the Gospel in China. The truth is that most Chinese will never have a chance to hear about Christ from a foreigner, and hundreds of millions of them (ponder that number for a moment) have no contact with Chinese believers. Furthermore, Chinese Christians lack the resources which we enjoy, and desperately need not only the basic facts of the Gospel, but solid Biblical teaching. Radio broadcasts are still probably the most effective means of reaching people in China. Please re-read that sentence. With all our emphasis on short-term trips to China by people who don’t know the language and culture (and such trips do have some value), let us not neglect the awesome potential of radio, which beams soul-satisfying words in their mother tongue to countless thirsty listeners. Far East Broadcasting Company has served seekers and believers in China for decades. Their ministry continues to be extremely useful. I urge you to inquire about how you may participate in what they do: Visit them at

Year-End Giving

Many people like to contribute to charitable organizations at the end of the year. We welcome such gifts, of course! This year, you should know of two important tax regulations: - Gifts must be post-marked no later than December 31, and must arrive in the first week of January. It is not sufficient merely to date the check before the end of the year; it must be sent. - Because of Katrina, the Internal Revenue Service is waiving restrictions on the amount of tax-deductible donations you may contribute. So, if you have already given money to disaster relief, you may still support your favorite ministries and charities without exceeding previously- allowed limits. Yours in the service of the one who, though rich, yet became poor, that in Him we might be rich.