Our Ministry of Study and Writing

Dear Praying Friends:Last month, I spoke of staying home more in order to spend time writing. Allow me to explain.

The need

As I said in the previous letter, it seems to many that both Chinese Christians and those seeking to serve them need to be alert to both theology and culture. Indeed, after spending more than thirty years among the Chinese, I am beginning to see just how little I know about their vast cultural heritage, not to mention their marvelous language. At the same time, further reading in biblical and theological studies shows me how shallow is my knowledge of the subjects I have presumed to teach! If that is the case with someone like me, what about those who have had less opportunity to study either Chinese culture or theology and the Bible? So, both for my own sake as a teacher, and for those who care about the course of Christianity among the Chinese, I need to read, think, pray, and then share what I have learned through writing.

Our response

All my writing is meant to address some particular need among Chinese or foreigners. So, for Chinese, I try to provide: - Biblical and theological studies (a reader’s guide to Carl Henry’s God, Revelation, & Authority is supposed to be completed by the end of this year); - Reference works for students of the Bible and theology (In 2008, I hope to finish revising the Greek-Chinese Lexicon of the New Testament and New Testament Reference Works, which shows how to use materials available in Chinese); - Some explanation of the role of Christianity in American culture (we would like to see Hope Deferred published in English in 2008). - Comparative analysis of traditional Chinese culture and Christianity, such as The Ideal Man According to Christ and Confucius (out in Chinese already, it is being prepared for publication in English); - Our newly-designed and updated Web site (www.chinainst.org) offers – in English and in Chinese - Meditations on the Scriptures and on the Christian life; Reviews of books which have been translated into Chinese; Essays on how to reach Chinese with the Gospel, including points of contact between traditional Chinese culture and modern society and the Christian faith; And more! Resources for non-Chinese include: - Articles for journals and our Web sites (www.chinainst.org and www.globalchinacenter.org); - Reviews of books about Chinese history and culture, as well as Christianity in China (also on our Web sites); - On our Web sites, links to other China-related resources; - A recently-completed introduction to Chinese culture, with Dr. Peter Yu. - The Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (www.bdcconline.net) is becoming a major resource for students of God’s work among the Chinese. I help to direct and promote that work, and plan to write more for it in the future.

Your part

We really need your help to continue this ministry of study and writing! First of all, please pray for wisdom and discipline as I seek to focus more on this work in coming months. Pray also for: - Help with proof-reading and editing in order to get books and articles published in English, which aids in their publication and wider acceptance among Chinese readers. In particular, ask for speedy completion of work on the comparison of Christ and Confucius. - Translation of works into Chinese, especially the last two volumes of my abridgment of Carl Henry’s God, Revelation, & Authority; the reader’s guide; and articles, book reviews, and prayer letters for our Web site. - Publication of the Chinese version of The Lord’s Healing Words, scheduled for mid-2008 (see www.AuthorHouse.com for the English edition). - Publication of the introduction to Chinese culture and society. - Wide distribution and readership of these writings, so that many might be blessed. PLEASE DO VISIT OUR WEB SITES! If you like what you see, consider linking our site(s) to your own. Your brother, Wright