China has plunged into cultural and moral confusion in its ongoing transformation to post-communism. The successive demise of Confucianism, Communism and Secular Democracy as cultural ideals has spawned a profoundly materialistic and opportunistic society without a moral compass.

Chinese intellectuals traditionally have been the ones to articulate the defining principles of their culture. Today, they grope for answers in a world littered with shattered dreams.

The Enlightenment’s secular humanism that captured their hearts and minds one hundred years ago - in both communist and capitalist forms - has inflicted unexpected carnage and corruption.

Nothing has arisen to take its place…
...except Christianity.

For the first time in Chinese history, multitudes of educated Chinese probe the Scriptures to find meaning for their personal and national existence. For many, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is providing hope, transformation, and light for their path.

Many of them seek nothing less than the construction of a new culture, modern but yet Chinese, for the world's most populous nation…a daunting undertaking. 

They must re-think their deepest cultural roots, recover their own Christian heritage, and somehow connect with the massive rural church. Although only they can formulate a truly Chinese Christianity, they need - and often welcome - the help of believers from other lands.

Christians in the West draw upon a rich and sustained tradition of Christian reflection and practice. As long as we receive this heritage critically, we can pass on its finer lessons to our friends in China, and help them re-enter the universal family of God.

This task must engage the entire church, especially the Chinese overseas in Asia and the West. No single group possesses the resources to reach, disciple, and equip Chinese intellectuals for their awesome and momentous undertaking.

The stakes are enormous: With China emerging as the dominant power of Asia and perhaps eventually the world, the nature of its leading moral and social philosophy will greatly influence the impact it has upon other nations.

Under the sovereignty of God,
that pre-eminent faith could become…
…the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

China Institute desires to serve as a bridge between the best of Western Christianity and Chinese who seek to know and share the Way, the Truth, and the Life.