The Way Home: Faith for the 21st Century – Lecture Two: The Way of Faith

Faith is not just a set of beliefs – which we shall talk about in the next lecture – but also a way of life. In fact all belief systems present us with a way of life. In a faith for the 21st century, this way of life must be seen as conforming to a pattern which is beyond culture; an absolute standard grounded in the way of the universe and in the fundamental nature of every man. This entire subject is called “ethics” in classical Western philosophy.

Between Two Worlds: J. Hudson Taylor and the Clash between British and Chinese Customs, Cultures, and Laws

In this paper, I shall try to show that these were all natural products of one basic motivation: the desire to imitate Jesus Christ the Incarnate Word of God, who “became flesh and dwelt among us.” Hudson Taylor believed not only in the theological truth of this creedal affirmation, but also in its missiological necessity and the numerous practical advantages which flowed from following the example of Christ.