Dealing with Depression

Depression ravages the minds and emotions of millions around the world, especially in developed countries. Despite modern advances in technology, no one seems to have invented a medicine that will prevent, much less cure, depression. All that psychiatrists can do is to prescribe medications that dull the pain and allow the sufferer to function.Recent ravels to Taiwan have confirmed the impression that a mental health crisis has already engulfed that island. Reports out of China tell the same story. Modernization, industrialization, and urbanization have brought unprecedented stress that produces unbearable strain on the mind and the moods of countless city dwellers. Nor are rural populations immune. Contrary to trends in the rest of the world, women in China’s vast countryside are committing suicide at an alarming rate. What can be done? Having experienced some depression in recent years, and having read a number of books and articles on health and on depression in particular, I have found the following approaches helpful. Exercise. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can do wonders, not only for the body, but for the mind. Numerous studies show that those who tire themselves out with vigorous activity not only sleep and eat better, but feel better emotionally. Sadly ,urban life does not provide much opportunity for this kind of healthy activity. But we must overcome all obstacles and find ways to use our muscles strenuously at least three times a week. Diet. If we are not eating a well-balanced diet, our overall health will suffer, and this will affect the mind and the emotions. Again, modern life fights against healthy eating. We’re all in too much of a hurry. Professional women have little time to shop for fresh foods, and less time to cook them. We eat on the run, and what we ingest is largely junk. Only when we take the time and effort to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and plenty of fresh water will be enjoy the kind of health that sustains a positive outlook on life. Even so, we shall probably need quality nutritional supplements to ensure that we provide our bodies with all the necessary nutrients. Nutritional supplements. There are some natural products that can help us sleep better, deal with the stresses of modern life, and enjoy a more balanced emotional life. These do not have the side effects of the medicines usually dispensed by physicians. I personally have benefited from several of them. But we must be careful here: There are many advertisements for supplements that are either untested or impure. You must use only those that have been proven to be effective, and that come with guaranteed quality. Furthermore, if you are suffering from severe depression, you should see a physician. These supplements usually only help those with mild depression. Fresh air and sunshine. Sitting all day in a room with artificial light and little fresh air deprives the body of two necessary elements for health and happiness. Even though today’s cities choke with pollution, it is still better to get outside for a bit each day for both a change of air and some direct sunshine. Asians avoid the sunlight, but they should get at least twenty minutes a day of it. Friendship. We are relational creatures, designed for love. The fractured families of modern life may contribute most to emotional stress and breakdown. Busyness keeps families apart and leads to a thin, tense, and often tumultuous relationship. Making money and acquiring prestige are no substitutes for love. We must take time to talk, to listen, to express concern and care, even to play together. Recreation. God designed us to work only six days a week. The seventh is for worship, rest, and relaxation. True joy comes as we gather with His people to sing praises, pray, and hear the life-giving words of the Bible. Most recreation today destroys both body and soul, but healthful rest and play and play a significant role in creating a positive outlook on life. Indeed, we can combine friendship and fun by going out together to a park, to the seaside, a walk in the mountains, or a leisurely afternoon in a museum, followed by a quiet and relaxed meal. Faith, hope, and love. True emotional peace comes only from God. As we trust Him to forgive our sins and take care of our future; as we set our expectation fully on the grace to be brought to us at the coming of Jesus Christ; and as we love and forgive others as God has graciously loved us, we shall defeat all the forces that lead to depression. Taking action: - If you want to know more about the nutritional supplements that have helped me, please write to me. - I have written a book on what the Bible says about physical, mental, and spiritual health. At present, it is available only in English, in 8.5” x 11” spiral-bound format. If you want a copy, please write for more information. May God give us all more true peace of mind!