Faithful Friends

This man could not walk. Doubtless, He had heard about Jesus’ healing ministry. It seemed that everyone who could get to Jesus would be cured. But how could he make his way into the presence of this mighty healer? He could not even take one step out the door. Besides, as we know from mark’s Gospel (Mark 2:3-12), Jesus was inside a house, surrounded by such a large crowd that the door was blocked. Did he share his desire and his despair with his friends? Or did they simply realize what he needed and take action? We don’t know. Nevertheless, we see how much they cared for him. They carried him on his pallet to the house where Jesus was working miracles. Seeing the entrance blocked, they did not give up, but took their friend up onto the roof , which was probably covered with thatch or movable tiles. Determined to bring their friend into the saving presence of Christ, they removed a section of the roof and lowered him down into the room, right in front of the Lord! All of this took not only devoted love for the crippled man, but great faith in Jesus. Apparently, these men believed that Jesus not only could heal a paralyzed man, but would do so. All they had to do was present the man to Christ, and He would do the rest. What abut us? Do we care about those around us who are, in one way or another, “paralyzed” – perhaps by ignorance of the Gospel? Are we willing to expend great effort to “carry” them into the presence of Christ? For example, will we gather a group to pray for our friends? Do we care enough to invite them to church or to a Bible study? Remember, it’s not our goodness, but the greatness of Christ, who can save those whom we love. All we have to do is expose them to the word of the Gospel, and pray for the Spirit to work in their hearts. Then we can trust God to do His perfect will in them.