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If Jesus’ disciples obey His teachings, how will that make them “fishers of men”? Think for a moment what it would be like if Christians actually lived, to a substantial degree, as Jesus told them to live. They would be: - Poor in spirit – aware of their spiritual poverty and reliant upon God alone. - Sorry for their sins and sensitive to the suffering of those around them. - Meek and gentle in all their dealings with others. - Consumed with passion, but for righteousness, not for position, or power, or possessions, or pleasure. - Merciful to others, for they themselves have been forgiven by God. - Intent on one purpose - knowing and serving God – and thus not distracted by the idols of this world, especially materialism. - Peacemakers, who strive to avoid unnecessary conflicts and to resolve those which inevitably arise. They would not be contentious. - Willing to suffer for what is right and true, and unafraid of bearing testimony to Christ, no matter what the cost. (Matthew 5:3-12). - Free from resentment, devoted to sexual purity, faithful to marriage vows, and filled with love even for their enemies. (Matthew 5:21-48) - Free from worry about money and things, fully trusting that God would take care of them (Matthew 6:25-34). - Committed to personal growth in holiness, but non-judgmental of others. (Matthew 7:1-14). - In short, so full of good works, that people could not help but praise the God whom they know as Father. (Matthew 5:16)