Real Men (10)

A real man is a holy man. There are two words usually translated "holy" in the New Testament. One (hagios) denotes separation by God for His possession and use. All true believers have been thus consecrated by God’s Spirit and are called "saints," because the Holy Spirit dwells in them. As a consequence, they must seek to grow in obedience to God as those owned by Him, and thus to be more and more holy in practice. The word used here (hosios) carries a slightly different meaning: It describes the man whose actions flow from faith in God and reverence towards Him. As always in the Bible, actions follow attitudes. The heart guides the hand. The mind sets the body in motion. So, the holy man orders his life as if God were always present. He walks with God, imitating God, obeying God, and leaning upon God for strength. God’s own holiness inspires him; God’s love impels him. A holy man begins his day looking to God in prayer and Bible study. Faced with a multitude of tasks and temptations, he seeks God’s guidance and begs for His governance of all he does. He meditates on God’s word all day long, delighting in it and deriving strength from it. He prays before he speaks or acts. When faced with a difficult decision, he reflects upon God’s truth and asks for wisdom. A holy man walks in the footsteps of Jesus, who was Himself "holy, harmless, and undefiled" (Hebrews 7:26). When he compares himself with Christ, the holy man – who alone is a real man – humbly confesses his moral failures and casts himself upon the mercy of God, trusting in Jesus as his great High Priest.