Real Men (12)

A real man is a learner, a keeper, and a teacher. He humbly learns the word of God. Admitting his ignorance, he opens his eyes, ears, and mind to constant instruction in the things of God as revealed in the Bible. Other matters interest him, too, of course, but the Scriptures are his chief delight. He meditates upon the teaching of God day and night. He limits his recreational reading and entertainment in order to spend uninterrupted time studying the Bible, reading good books about the Bible, and listening to faithful Biblical instruction. In fact, he knows more about the Bible than he does about sports, politics, cars, computers, and the stock market! He doesn’t stop there, however. He holds on to what he has heard. He meditates on it, thinks about it, prays over it, and practices it. He asks God to work out in his life the principles of truth that he has learned. Even when skeptics cast doubt on the truth of the Bible, he does not waver in his confidence, for he has investigated the most common objections to the veracity of the Scriptures and has sensible replies to difficult questions. As a result, he is able to transfer to others what he has received. Even as he continues to learn, he teaches. He communicates sound doctrine to his friends, his spouse, his children, others Christians, and even unbelievers. When ideas contrary to the Bible are voiced within the church, he can refute them with solid arguments based upon Scripture. There you have him: A real man! With rock-solid faith and a realistic view of himself and his world; reigning in his passions and desires; ruling his life with clear thinking; relying always on the grace of God; relaying to the next generation the word of God. Such a man was Jesus, and he calls us to follow in his steps.