Real Men (2)

A real man commits himself to only one woman. Before marriage, he keeps himself sexually pure by avoiding physical intimacy with women. He preserves emotional integrity by not giving his heart fully to anyone other than the woman he finally decides to marry. After marriage, he remains faithful to his wife. He turns his eyes away from other women and avoids temptations to lust that we find in magazines, movies, television, and the Internet. He provides her with loving leadership. Putting her needs before his, he sacrifices his time, energy, and attention to care for her. If necessary, he even sacrifices his work. He puts aside the newspaper, turns off the television, shuts down the computer, cancels the game, in order to show love to his wife. He stays up a bit later to listen to her and gets up a bit earlier to pray for her. A real man leads his wife. His example sets the pace for her, as he demonstrates humility, kindness, self-denial, and love for God and other people. He apologizes first. He takes the initiative in reading the Bible and prayer, by himself and with his family. After listening to her invaluable advice and considering her desires, he makes decisions that seem best for everyone and glorifying to God. Who is this real man? Jesus Christ! He loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify her (make her holy). For her sake, He sanctified Himself and sacrificed Himself. Only as we trust in Him, admitting our selfishness, pride, laziness, and lust, and turning to Him for power to change, can we follow in His steps and be the men the women around us long to see.