The wicked man does not fear God. Why? Because he has deceived himself about his own sin.When he discovers his iniquity (wrongdoing), he flatters himself. That's how he also justifies his resentment towards others. Let's ponder this a moment. When someone - or perhaps our own conscience - points out something we have done wrong, we tend to make excuses: "I didn't do it." "Well, maybe I did do it, but I didn't mean to." "Anyway, it wasn't that bad - not half as bad as what someone else has done." "Furthermore, I had no choice; if I hadn't done it, I would have been ruined." "Besides, no one saw me do it." "I won't do it again." Or, "I've been like that since I was a child; there's no way I can change." "It felt so good; how could it have been wrong?" "It may have been illegal, but sometimes you just have to break the way for a higher purpose." "God will forgive; that's His job." God sees through this and comes to a different conclusion: We "do not abhor [reject, loathe] evil" (4). May God have mercy upon us and allow us to see our sin as He does - So awful that Jesus Christ had to die in order to purchase our forgiveness.