The Essence of Christianity

What is the Christian faith about? Rules and regulations? No, although there are plenty of rules – called commands – which Christians must obey. Rites and rituals? No, although Christians do engage in regular worship, both privately and together. Reason and rationality? No, although the Christian faith is eminently reasonable and can be defended with rational arguments based upon solid evidence and true logic. What, then, lies at the heart of Christianity? A new relationship: Through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s unique Son, we can become children of God the Father. Those who repent of their sins and trust fully in Christ as Savior are born again through the work of the Holy Spirit, and receive new life – the life of God. To use another metaphor, all those who put their faith in Jesus are adopted as sons of God, with full rights to a heavenly, eternal inheritance. As children of God, they are related to Jesus, the Son of God, as “brothers” and “sisters” and “mothers.” Though He alone possesses equal status with God as the eternal Son, believers in Him also belong to this new family of God. That means that true Christians are also related to each other as brothers and sisters. Receiving, nurturing, and enjoying this new “family” relationship is the core of Christianity.