The Firstborn Son

The Son of God, who became the man Jesus, is “firstborn over all creation.” This does not mean that God has many divine sons, of whom Jesus is the oldest, for He is elsewhere called “the only-begotten” – or “unique, one-and-only” son of the Father (John 1:18). Nor does it mean that the Son was created, for “by Him were created all things” (1:16), and “all things were made through Him” (John 1:3). No, as in the Old testament, “firstborn” here refers to the unique authority and supreme status of the Son of God. As Israel was called the “first born son” of Yahweh because of His special love and choice of this people, and thus their pre-eminent rank among all nations (Exodus 4:22), so the Son of God receives from God unending love and one-of-a-kind rank in the universe. As David was called God’s “firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth” (Psalm 89:27), so Jesus possesses power over the entire created order. Thus, the demons trembled at His word, which they immediately obeyed. When He ordered the winds and the waves to be calm, there was instant stillness on the sea. Illnesses were banished, and the dead were raised, when the Firstborn gave command. Ishmael was replaced by Isaac; Esau lost his position to Jacob; Reuben’s instability led to Judah’s promotion. But no one, and nothing, can displace the Son of God from His throne! The Firstborn Son of God sits at the Father’s right hand, ruling with righteousness until all His enemies bow before Him. May we serve Him with gladness and joy!