The Forever Family

Jesus called not His blood relatives, but His disciples, His true family. Why? Those who seek to do God’s will have more in common with each other than they do even with their own family of origin. Consider:

  • They have a common purpose in life: To know and serve God.
  • They have a common loyalty to their Father in heaven and to His Son, Jesus.
  • They have a common source of life, the Holy Spirit, who dwells in them.
  • They share the same experience of salvation through the forgiveness of sin, and of God’s constant unmerited kindness towards them.
  • This life, unlike the body which they inherit from their parents, will never perish.
  • They share a common destiny: To live with God and His people forever.
  • They have a common standard of truth, the Word of God contained in the Scriptures. The Bible surpasses even family tradition and cultural norms as a source for guidance and a standard of values.
  • They are bound together by ties which cannot be broken, because they are united to Christ, who is the Head of this trans-national, trans-cultural body of believers.

Jesus and His disciples belong to a “forever family” – the household of God.