The Mind of Christ

It all starts in the mind. The Son of God was fully equal to God, sharing His likeness and essential nature. As Son, He could command the angels, rule the universe, direct the affairs of men, and enjoy the full glory of the Father. All praise, honor, and adoration were His. But He did not esteem this exalted position, with all its privileges, something to be held onto. In other words, He did not consider it something to be grasped at, clutched, gripped with tenacity. He made a value judgment. Something more important engaged His thoughts, and set His course. Rather than deciding to remain at the Father’s right hand, basking in the worship of the seraphim, He chose another path. What motivated the eternal Son to forsake His exalted position and its perquisites, and come to this dark, depraved, degraded, even disgusting world of finite, frail, and fallen men? What enabled Him to let go of His comforts and relinquish His rights as Prince of heaven? Could there be anything more valuable than unbounded pleasure, power and prestige? Only a higher, deeper, broader, richer, and more compelling purpose could lead to such a downward move. Like His Father, Jesus was driven by one master motive: The glory of God. The divine honor could be mostly fully displayed by the incarnation of the Son of God to save sinful men and women. So, He calculated the cost, and came.