The Power of Perspective

As He traveled around the countryside, Jesus encountered crowds of needy people. Some were physically sick; many evinced spiritual hunger. But all were dead in sin, far from God because of unbelief and rebellion. Notice how Jesus saw them. Though He could have justly despised them for their folly, He chose instead to pity them for their suffering. He focused not on what they had done wrong, but on how they had been wronged by their political and spiritual rulers. Thus, He was “moved with compassion for them.” Here we see into the heart of God. He could have condemned the entire world to hell for our manifold transgressions against His holy law. Rather than pouring out His righteous indignation, however, He sent His only Son to live a righteous life and then to die in our place. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus looked upon sinners as erring sheep. His divine love impelled Him to endure untold pain in order to take our guilt upon Himself and lay down His life for us. How about us? When we see others in trouble because of their foolishness, how do we respond? With disdain and criticism, or with compassion and a desire to help?