What Is “Salvation”?

In what ways did Jesus save His people? He delivered them from bondage to self and to the world, by calling them to follow Him (4:18-22). He freed them from all sorts of illness, by healing them (4:23-24). He liberated them from bondage to demons, by expelling evil spirits (4:24). He emancipated them from ignorance, by teaching them about happiness (5:2-12); holiness (5:13-7:27); His kingdom (13); Himself (11:25-30); His cross and resurrection (15:24; 17:22-23; 20:17-19, 28); hypocrisy (23); His coming (24-25) – and much more. He redeemed them from the guilt of sin, by declaring pardon (9:2) and by suffering the penalty of God’s holy wrath (27:46). He rescued them from death, by rising from the grave (28:1-17). He released them from futile living, by giving them the Great Commission (28:18-20). He relieved them from the burden of the Law, by inviting them to come and find rest for the soul (11:28-30). This same Jesus is alive today, strong to save all who trust in Him!