Dear Praying Friends:

“I always find these letters rather dense,” said a good friend after reading the last issue of Reaching Chinese Worldwide.

“Just what is it that you and Dori do, anyway?” another friend asked recently.

These comments have prompted me to use this letter and the one next month to tell you what Dori and I are doing, starting with the church-based China Institute.

Ministry to Chinese

In Charlottesville, Dori and I concentrate our attention on Chinese who attend our church, where we help with a Mandarin Sunday school class, and on Chinese undergraduate students at the University, where we serve as advisers to the Chinese Christian Fellowship. Actually, a number of the CCF students also attend the church. I teach the Sunday school class when I am in town, and speak to CCF a couple of times a semester.

Dori and I also spend time with the leaders of the class and of CCF, as well as with others in these groups, including my two student research assistants from China.

In addition to that, I preach in a Chinese Church in Charlottesville about monthly. Once in a while, I am asked to address events sponsored by ISI, Inc., with which our Church works closely. Usually, about 90% of those who come are Chinese. I gave a talk on True Love for the St.  Valentine’s Day event, and have been invited to present the Gospel at a meeting on March 19th.

Dori and I also have the privilege of advising and counseling individuals or couples who come to us, including several who are considering marriage, or preparing for it.

For the past twenty years, I have devoted much of my energy to writing. As I sense a need among the Chinese, I have tried to meet it by composing books and articles in English, which have then been translated by Chinese into their language. At present, there are a dozen books written or edited by me available in Chinese. The CI web site also features a Chinese page.

Speaking Elsewhere:  I am scheduled to be one of two speakers at a Chinese church leaders’ training seminar at the end of March at the Christian Leaders’ Renewal Center, and to preach in the Chinese church in Durham, North Carolina. I shall be preaching to at least four different Christian churches and fellowships during a visit to Taiwan in June.

Mobilization of Others for Ministry to Chinese

We also seek to encourage and equip others to engage in effective ministry among Chinese, especially as we get older.

Here again, writing plays a key role. Through articles and books in English, including China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society (co-authored with Dr. Peter Yu), I attempt to introduce Chinese culture and the most effective ways of communicating Christ to Chinese people.

The Reaching Chinese Worldwide series is growing into what I hope will become a helpful manual.

The CI website contains book reviews and articles aimed at exploring the most fruitful avenues of serving among the Chinese. I also contribute book reviews and articles to ChinaSource Journal and other periodicals.

Weekly email prayer updates go to those who want current information so that they can pray more specifically.

Dori and I also serve on our church’s Ethnic Chinese Ministry team, which tries to harness the resources of church people to reach out to Chinese here and elsewhere.

Finally – but by no means least important – Dori and I serve a team of seven ethnic Chinese co-workers (three couples and one single woman) in Taiwan, the U.S., and England. All are marvelous people with a heart to serve. Write me for more information about them.Though four churches provide generous support, our work is mostly funded by individual donors. And it is all made possible by God, working through your prayers. Thank you so much!

Your fellow-servant of Christ,