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Wright and Dori Doyle served with OMF International in Taiwan from 1976 to 1988. Their daughter Sarah was born in Taiwan during that time.

In 1989, they moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, where they began sharing the Gospel with Chinese scholars and their families connected with the University of Virginia.  China Institute was established that year.

The Doyles work closely with their church, which hosts a Mandarin Sunday school class. They have also been advisors to the undergraduate Chinese Christian Fellowship.

Wright has also preached in Chinese churches and taught in Chinese seminaries in North America, Taiwan, and England. He now focuses on writing and mentoring younger Chinese church leaders and Americans with a burden to serve God among the Chinese.

Dori Doyle | Helper & Homemaker

Wright is assisted by his wife Dori, who mentors Chinese women, serves as hostess to a steady stream of guests, organizes and goes on trips to Asia, participates on the worship committee and a worship team in our church – all while keeping the house running and putting tasty, healthy meals on the table.

Robert Freund| Director of finance and administration

Rob’s duties as finance and administration director extend from guiding the bookkeeper and administrative assistant to keeping everyone informed of their financial status and everything in between. Since coming to China Institute in June 2009, he has rapidly adapted to the non-profit environment and supporting many ministries. Rob has an M.B.A. from Duke University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Virginia and North Carolina.

Martha Stockment | Administrative & Research AssistAnt

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Martha Stockment received her B.A. from The University of Virginia in 2009, with double majors in English and psychology. She joined China Institute in April of 2013, where she does writing and editing work, along with assisting in marketing and communications. Martha lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband, Andrew.

Randall & Connie Chan | Associates


Randall Chan, M.Div., and Connie Chan, D.D.S., carry on a very creative ministry among Chinese scholars in England. Randall coaches a number of Chinese Christian leaders, and shares the Gospel with the families of the piano students whom Connie teaches each day. Both serve with the international ministry of their church, which draws a number of Chinese students.

Jason & Kristie Truell | Associates

Jason an Kristie Truell live and ministry to Chinese in Taiwan. Jason is currently Associate Pastor at Friendship Presbyterian Church in Taipei. Jason received a B.A., and Kristie, a B.S., from the University of Virginia. Jason has an M.Div. from China Evangelical Seminary.


My name is Tianyi He, born in a northeast city Shenyang, in China. Went to college in Beijing and graduate school in Georgia. I'm working with China Institute and Chinese Christian Fellowship, doing translation of Wright Doyle's books, lectures and letters, as well as student work with CCF, counseling and discipling the Chinese students at University of Virginia.