Some thoughts on “Gone with the Wind” – Lessons for married people

The importance of communication

Because Ashley never told Scarlet he loved Melanie, she nursed a life-long hope that someday his “honor” would succumb to his passion, and hers. This led her to withhold her heart from Rhett, and to be mentally unfaithful to him.

Because Rhett and Scarlet did not express their love for each other at the right time, their marriage was swept away by a vortex of misunderstanding.

The importance of patience

Scarlet and Rhett truly loved each other, but each failed to persevere in expressing affection when met with the first bit of resistance. If either of them, but especially Scarlet, had ignored an initial slight and shared true emotion, they would have stayed together.

The danger of pride

Both Rhett and Scarlet, but especially the latter, fell before the power of pride, which prevented an open admission of need and affection.

Scarlet’s desire to retain her youthful figure led her to refuse to have intercourse with Rhett, lest she have another child.

The danger of angry words

Rhet and Scarlet inflicted wounds by their hasty, hurtful speech that were hard to heal, and which finally proved fatal.

The danger of inner vows

Scarlet’s oath to heaven, “I’ll never be hungry again,” determined the course of her life thereafter. It obsessed her mind and shut out much natural affection, turning her into a scheming, selfish, callous woman.

The danger of being a “professional woman”

As Rhett observed, Scarlet’s lumber business kept her from him and damaged their relationship.

The power of Christian example

Both Rhett and Scarlet finally appreciated the sacrificial love of Melanie. In the end, it may have turned the tide for Scarlet.

The necessITY of male leadership

Scarlet finally realized that Ashley was a coward, as he had himself admitted, and that Rhett, for all his faults, knew how to lead. She loved him best when he demonstrated loving mastery over her.

The importance of sex in marriage

Scarlet’s refusal to grant sexual relations to Rhett strained their marriage to the breaking point. His night of love with her almost saved the relationship.