Conditions for Healing

Although some people still receive miraculous healing simply through faith in Christ, most do not. The natural question is, “Why?” This passage, along with others in the New Testament, gives us several clues. Notice that Jesus also taught the people and announced the coming of the kingdom of God. He did not simply provide miraculous cures. Let’s look more closely at the connection between His words of truth and His works of mercy. - Jesus told the crowds how to be happy. “Blessed are those hunger and thirst for righteousness; …the merciful…; … the pure in heart” (5:3,4,7,8). “He warned them against anger, lust, adultery, and resentment (5:21-32, 43-48). He promised that God would provide all that we need, and told them not to worry (6:25-34). - He also commanded everyone to repent, for God’s kingdom was at hand. Jesus called men and women to a radically changed life, insisting that they renounce their old ways and turn to Him in faith. But what of those who are consumed with greed, envy, resentment, anger, and lust? Nowhere does the Bible promise good health to such people. In fact, we learn elsewhere that lack of reverence for God and love for other believers can lead to illness and even death (Acts 5:1-11; 1 Corinthians 11:27-34). Jesus’ brother James encourages those who are sick to call the elders of the church to pray for healing, but requires confession of sin as a condition for answered prayer (James 5:14-15). Modern medicine has begun to uncover the mental, emotional, and spiritual roots of disease. We now know that anxiety, anger, resentment, and guilt can compromise the body’s immune system, almost inviting a number of serious illnesses. Physicians constantly remind us that lack of self-discipline can also bring on serious diseases: Poor nutrition, smoking, drinking, using drugs, lack of exercise, insufficient rest, and sex outside of marriage all carry a price tag. Conclusion: At least one reason why Jesus does not now heal many folk is that they are not following His teaching or heeding His commands to repent and believe.