Why Jesus Heals

We can understand why Jesus would go around teaching the Word of God. But why did He heal all kinds of illness and disease? The answer to this question shows us a great deal about Christ. Jesus healed and cast out demons (4:24): - Because He came to “save His people from their sins” (1:21). Sin ends in death, and disease represents the dying process. By dealing with one symptom of sin – sickness – Jesus declared His intention to do away with sin itself. - To demonstrate that He was, indeed, “’Immanuel,’ which is translated, ‘God with us’” (1:23). No one has manifested such power over evil as did Jesus when He delivered men from diseases and demons. These mighty miracles show that He is the only Son of God, equal with the Father in power. - To certify that He was indeed the one who could “baptize with the Holy Spirit” (3:11). Casting out demons and curing sickness revealed His total filling by the Holy Spirit and pointed towards the time when, after His resurrection, He would bestow the Spirit on all who would repent and believe. - To prove that He was God’s “beloved Son, in whom [He] was well pleased” (3:17; 12:18). He had refused to perform a miracle when Satan tempted Him in the desert, but was happy to do many public wonders in order to unveil the unique relationship He enjoyed with the Father. - To make public his earlier defeat of Satan in private (4:11). Having routed the prince of darkness, death, demons, and disease, Jesus now followed up that victory with open displays of His decisive victory over Satan. - To back up His announcement that the “Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (4:17). His deeds validated His words announcing the coming of God’s royal and righteous rule. - To teach His disciples how to be “fishers of men” (4:19). These marvelous deeds of power and pity drew large multitudes to Him to hear His words. - To lay bare the compassionate core of His divine heart (20:34; Mark 1:41).