Day of Rest? (2)

The Pharisees had criticized Jesus’ disciples for plucking grain on the Sabbath as they walked through a field. Jesus first showed them that their definition of “work” was wrong. The Mosaic Law allowed the priest to “work” on the Sabbath. It also allowed people to pick a few grains of standing wheat if they were hungry. So, His disciples were blameless. By this statement, as well as His reminder that David had been given holy bread from the tabernacle when he and his men were hungry (12:3-4), Jesus challenged the man-made tradition of the Pharisees. He proved, from their own Bible, that two types of “work” – at least – were allowed on the Sabbath: What is necessary for worship, and what is necessary for life. At the same time, Jesus exposed their ignorance of Scripture; their critical, judgmental attitude; their selective moral standards. We may not hold to the same traditions as they did, but are we ever guilty of similar sins?