No Answer!

Many times the Bible states that God will answer those who call upon Him (Psalm 17:6;20:6; 38:15; etc.) But sometimes He does not answer (see Psalm 18:41; 22:2). Why?Here, Wisdom speaks for the Word of God. She calls out and invites us to learn from her. She counsels us to listen to her rebukes. Then she warns that if we don’t answer her call, she will not answer when we cry to her in trouble. God’s wisdom – found supremely in Jesus Christ – offers knowledge and life to all who will listen. But if we do not listen, then a time will come when prayer does no good. If we persistently refuse to follow God’s revealed will, we shall suffer. We shall “eat the fruit of [our] own way – we shall reap what we have sown. In vain shall we ask for guidance or mercy, for God will allow His moral law to take its course. As Jesus Himself said, the man who hears but does not heed His words is like someone who builds his house on sand. When the storms come, the house will fall (Matthew 7:24-27). O God, give me grace to hear You now, that You may hear me later, through Jesus Christ. Amen.