Pleasure Forever

Earthly pleasures quickly pass. We soon forget the taste of a good meal, the sound of lovely music, the sight of beautiful scenery. Vacations, success in our work, reunions with friends, entertainment, even the joys of marital sex – all these provide ample delight, but the pressures of daily life soon bury happy times under a load of present obligations and obstacles.Nor do they satisfy our souls. That is why we are always seeking more. But God offers lasting pleasures. This psalm names a few of them: - Protection from all that would harm our souls (1) - Knowing God as our own personal Lord (2) - A perpetual source of goodness (2) - Fellowship with others who love God (3) - Satisfaction with our lot in this life (5-6) - Guidance and wisdom (7) - The nearness of God (8) - Absolute security and lasting stability (8) - Gladness and joy of heart (9) - Eternal life after death (10-11) - Fullness of joy in God’s presence (11). What a catalogue! And all these can be ours, for free, if we only come to God through faith in His Son Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life (1; John 14:6). As we draw near to Him, we enjoy pleasures forever.