As we saw last time, the most effective form of service which we can render to the growth of the church among Chinese is prayer. Why?Only God can raise those who are dead in sin; gift sight to eyes that are spiritually blind; soften hard hearts; cause the self-righteous to repent and confess their sins; change minds, and create faith (Ephesians 2:1-10). In His wisdom, the Lord is please to use the preaching of the Gospel, the performance of good deeds, and the prayers of His people in saving sinners and causing them to grow into maturity (Ephesians 1:13; 2:10; 3:14-21; 4:15). Indeed, He has commanded us to pray for “all the saints,” for preachers of the Word, for those in prison, and for all who hold authority (Ephesians 6:18-20; 1 Timothy 2:1-2; Hebrews 13:3). In all our intercessions, we must not forget to thank God for the wonderful works He is already doing among His people, and this is especially true of the truly stunning advance of His kingdom among the Chinese.

Fuel for Prayer

Since most of us lack the knowledge to intercede specifically for Chinese around the world, we recommend two extremely helpful resources: - “Global Chinese Ministries” – a free monthly prayer report with accurate articles on the current situation among Chinese and specific requests for each day. Order from OMF International by calling 1-800-422-5330 (ext.264). - “Forget Not China” – a beautiful calendar with inspiring essays each month and daily requests, arranged by the provinces of China. 1-888-462-5481, Please also pray for us as we continue to share the whole counsel of God with educated Chinese around the world. - In the past couple of years, what began as a ‘mom and pops’ ministry has grown into a worldwide team. As God has brought people to us, we have been able to assist them in their own efforts to serve God among the Chinese. - Our associate in China has had trouble sending emails; he is still trying to find suitable fellowship; and he needs great wisdom as he collects material for his dissertation on early 20th century Chinese Christians. - In Taiwan, a young couple have just begun studying Mandarin. They need discipline and good memories as they tackle this difficult language. May God also give them fellowship with English-speaking believers. - Another couple in Cambridge, England, seek to share the Good News with scholars from China. The husband will also help with our major research project (“MRP”): an attempt to record the stories of Chinese Christians throughout the centuries. The goals of this work are to help Chinese Christians recover their rich heritage, to mobilize Chinese scholars interested in the history of Christianity among their people, and to correct the false impression of the Gospel as a foreign import with pernicious influence. - Our colleague in Northern Virginia is coordinating the MRP, collecting the team, and applying for initial foundation funding. - Our newest associate, a Chinese scholar living in New England, serves as Managing Editor for the MRP. He is setting up the database and beginning to communicate with potential writers. - Our daughter Sarah has started a large project: The theological analysis of the most widely-used collection of songs in the Chinese church. She continues to write other reports as well. - Belle Huang, who has lived with us since January, helps me with Chinese-translation. She will return to Taiwan in early December, and hopes to assist us in expanding our work there. She is looking for a suitable place to live, a part-time job, and prayer support. - Our administrative assistant keeps the office running; helps with the Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) and International Christian Fellowship (ICF); and proofreads my English writings. - Dori, just back from a fruitful visit to China, meets with several Chinese women; seeks to build on the relationships made in China; and continues her invaluable work as wife and homemaker. - Like our organization, my responsibilities have grown. While I continue to work on various literary projects (revise the Greek-Chinese lexicon of the New Testament, write book reviews and articles, correct the Chinese translation of my autobiography, prepare two books for publication in English, add chapters for an introduction to Chinese culture, serve as General Editor for the MRP), I also try to assist our entire team as well as possible. As Director, I must spend time in prayer, thought, communication (by telephone, email, and visits), and administrative work. I also still help both ICF and CCF. Thus, as more and more opportunities to preach and to lecture come, I need wisdom as I ponder priorities. - All those mentioned look to God for faith, the fullness of the Spirit, fruitfulness in our labors, and finances. (Write us for more information.) Thank you so much for your prayers!