Chinese Christianity has become a major field of study, for several reasons.

Since the 1970s the Christian presence in China has grown exponentially. For more than two centuries, Chinese Christians have also repeatedly suffered almost unparalleled persecution. Many of the books discussed here tell stories of great heroism and indomitable faith in God, and they make for inspiring reading.

The following pages contain reviews of more than fifty books, plus some presentations and articles. These publications, though only a small sampling of the extensive—and constantly expanding—body of literature on Chinese Christianity, are representative of many more.

This collection can serve as an auxiliary resource in courses on Chinese Christianity. Teachers can assign one or more of the reviews as supplements to the main textbook(s).

This collection concentrates upon the history of Chinese Christians, though, of course, general histories and surveys also deal with the role and contribution of foreign missionaries.


Chinese Christianity: An Introduction to the Literature


Reviews of more than fifty books, plus some presentations and articles, representing the body of literature on Chinese Christianity.

Pages: 400


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