The purpose of this book is simple: To set forward a view of the worth of a woman as depicted in the Bible. Although I shall refer to other books and have appended an extensive list of excellent references at the end, the Scriptures are my main authority. I hope that I have interpreted them faithfully and welcome comments from those who think I have erred.

The plan of the book flows from my belief about our motives. As I said above, we seek security (especially physical survival and comfort, but also love), satisfaction, and significance. A longing for significance drives much of the women’s movement today, for reasons which I have already outlined. Women also crave security, especially financial security. Somewhere along the line, we also want to find satisfaction in our work and our relationships.

A sense of significance can come either from within or outside ourselves. If we look to others to affirm our worth, we shall always try to perform in a way that pleases them. We shall base our sense of worth on our works (broadly defined).

A firmer base for significance comes from within – or rather, from above. Women who trust and love God will look first to Him for their sense of worth. He created them. He sent His Son Jesus to die for them. He loves them. They work as a response to His love, not to gain His approval. They are thus independent of the opinions of others. They are free.

They work, then, not to gain significance, but to serve. In serving others, they find satisfaction.

Likewise, women who trust in God seek first His kingdom and righteousness. They do what they think is right. They trust Jesus when he said that if we put God first, everything else we need will be added to us. Their security is not in their husbands, their children, or their careers, but in God, who promises to provide.

The pages which follow begin with our search for significance through service (what I call “ministry”) and argue that true satisfaction will come to those who serve. We do have to eat, of course, so the question of adequate income receives attention later on.

Several practical questions are addressed in the Appendices.

A variety of helpful books are listed in the section For Further Reading.

You may start reading at any point. Non-Christians may not be interested in what the Bible says about ministry, but I recommend you begin at the beginning. You may gain a new perspective on life!

More Precious than Rubies: The Worth of a Godly Woman

More Precious than Rubies: The Worth of a Godly Woman


More Precious than Rubies: The Worth of a Godly Woman


A plea for greater appreciation for women as women, distinct from men.

Pages: 37


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