Crime Does Not Pay

We break laws because we think we won’t get caught. If we don’t see a policeman, we exceed the speed limit or even run a red light. We don’t pay our taxes. We falsify documents. We cheat on exams. We lie to the government, our boss, our teacher, our spouse.Perhaps we escape judgment for a while. This gives us boldness to do it again. We see how many prosper while doing wrong, and we imagine that no one sees or cares. We are wrong. God sees, and He cares. He will not overlook our wrongdoing. Sooner or later, He will repay us. If He is being kind with us, He will allow us to suffer sooner rather than later He will send illness, or strife, or failure, or even the police. We will get caught. Then we can see our sin, repent, and receive God’s forgiveness (if not man’s). If we refuse to acknowledge our guilt and to turn from our wickedness, a terrible fate awaits us: Eternal punishment in hell. Now is the time to seek His face by humble admission of our guilt and sincere faith in His Son Jesus, who died on the cross in our place. Through Him we find forgiveness and the power to change.