These chapters began as stories for my daughter Sarah when she was little.

Since I have had so many close calls in my life, I called many of these “danger stories.” They include near-disasters in airplanes, escapes from deadly snakes, encounters with violent men intent on my harm, and others.

Because of my father’s position, I came into contact with some highly-placed people, whom you will encounter in this book.

Most of all, however, you will see the mercy of God in my life over the decades, during which his sovereign grace not only saved me from myself but also redeemed the follies of youth and adulthood, over-riding my stupidity, rebelliousness, and sin to manifest his mercy.

Thus the title, Mercy All the Way. I hope these stories will encourage you along the way.

Mercy All The Way: An Autobiography

Mercy All The Way: An Autobiography


Mercy All the Way: An Autobiography


My story of Gods mercy in my life over the decades.

Pages: 278 (Parts I VII)


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